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re: App: Tannzen

The application submitted by Tannzen is as follows:

World of Warcraft Armory Link:

What is your Battletag?:

Real Life Gender?:


Can you make ALL our raid times? Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9:00pm-12:00am EST:

Location/ Timezone::

Class? :

Current specialization? Do you have a strong off-spec you are willing to play?:
Frost main, fire for utility and m+, working on arc

Current Server & Faction?:

Tell us a little about yourself.:
I am a grad student in physics but am a lucky one who rarely has to work past 5pm. I enjoy running and rowing, and will give most video games a chance.

Do you have a stable internet connection/computer? How many frames per second do you get in a raid setting?:
yes, ~60fps steady

Are you raid ready? (All gear enchanted, gemmed, max professions?) Explain::
I use max enchants/gems and try to keep multiple gear sets up to date.

Explain how you prepare for raids. What sites, tools, macros & addons do you use and why? Are you currently using the most up to day version of DBM or BigWigs? Why/Why Not?:
I use a bit of everything to prepare, from reading up on abilities in the dungeon journal/wowhead to watching videos of various perspectives on the fights. As a former raid leader, I would design strats around mechanics prior to watching a video and then adjust based on what works/doesn't work. For mage advice, I follow alter-time and the mage discord. The only important addons I use are bigwigs, weak-auras, and elvui (for general ui tweaks). I regularly sim and test the results in game. Most macros I use are associated with class utility (cancel ice block, aoe on cursor, sheep focus, etc..).

I've found BigWigs to be ideal for raiding. Currently it is up to date, but occasionally I will edit the code a bit for personal reminders. Usually that is more pain than it is worth though and almost always easier to accomplish via weak auras.

List some of your raiding experiences. Why are you interested in raiding?:
All below are on Thrall:
5/11M Antorus (as raid lead, have pulls into the last phase of imonar)
7/9M ToC (as raid lead for end of tier)
Casual for first part of Legion and most of Draenor
14/14H/M SoO (as raid lead, 5th on server...of course the server was weaker back then)

I love the feeling of accomplishment as 20+ raiders work together to defeat a new encounter. The problem solving that occurs during progression is one of my favorite parts and I constantly am looking for however I may help the raid group and myself improve. I love doing the odd-jobs in raid (soaking mines on high command or assigning lanes on maiden are recent examples). Odd-jobs and raid leading has lead to lower dps than I am accustomed to, but it is a small price to pay if it helps progression.

Tell us a little about your previous raiding guilds and why you left/are leaving.:
Leaving Dark Confliction due to raiders being burnt out and disputes with other officers. It is hard to raid without a unified leadership and impossible to lead in that scenario. I wish them well but am not looking to leave another tier unfinished and I do not feel that will happen without a complete rebuild.

Why do you want to join Unrivaled?:
Unrivaled appears to be a stable and successful guild and I feel that I can bring a lot to the table. One of my former raiders (Xalurael) has said good things about you all.

Our roster is full of solid players who know their class. We like to keep a bit of depth to our ranks so there may be times that we need you to sit, for any reason. Do you have a problem sitting?: :
I love raiding and will do anything I can to help the raid, including sitting for any reason.

Please post a link to up to date combat logs. is your best source for uploading combat logs. This lets us get accurate information on how you play your class.:

Have you read our applicants post? Do you agree with our rules involving ranks and loot?:
Yes and yes

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Don\'t Know
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Don\'t Know
Saturday -> Don\'t Know
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