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re: App: Damakhan

The application submitted by Damakhan is as follows:

World of Warcraft Armory Link:

What is your Battletag?:

Real Life Gender?:


Can you make ALL our raid times? Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9:00pm-12:00am EST:

Location/ Timezone::
Central, CST

Class? :

Current specialization? Do you have a strong off-spec you are willing to play?:
Holy, Decent ret OS

Current Server & Faction?:
Thrall Horde

Tell us a little about yourself.:
Hello my name is Gabe, and I enjoy killing online demons and dragons. But in all seriousness, my guild is actually on this server, but do to burnout and stress in general my raid lead and GM both had to quit and unfortunately we dissolved (and i am writing this app minutes after it happened). Thus I am once again without a guild and and looking for one.

Do you have a stable internet connection/computer? How many frames per second do you get in a raid setting?:
Yes, I have a stable connection. about 60-70 FPS

Are you raid ready? (All gear enchanted, gemmed, max professions?) Explain::
Yes, I make sure i have all consumables, and enchants ready to go.

Explain how you prepare for raids. What sites, tools, macros & addons do you use and why? Are you currently using the most up to day version of DBM or BigWigs? Why/Why Not?:
Before a raid if its a new boss, I watch videos on the mechanics to get an idea of what it is. If relevant I try to find some weak auras for certain boss mechanics (such as font of night on botanist). For addons I use Skada, DBM, Weak Auras, and ERT.

After a raid I evaluate myself using warcraftlogs.

List some of your raiding experiences. Why are you interested in raiding?:
I've been raiding more or less since cataclysm, but majority of my "hardcore" raiding experience comes from MoP, where I cleared every single boss on heroic 25 man mode as a restoration shaman with the exception of Sha of Fear. I did not raid for the better half of WoD and I came back in legion as a holy paladin. Thus far i am 2/3 M ToV and 8/10 M Nighthold with multiple phase 3 pulls on Elisande.

Tell us a little about your previous raiding guilds and why you left/are leaving.:
I did not forsee leaving my guild, but unfortunately, I write this application minutes after the GM and Raidlead decided to quit after burnout.

Why do you want to join Unrivaled?:
You guys have the added bonus of being on my server and looking for my class, but additionally you seem to be near my experience level, and dedicated enough to clear the hardest content on Mythic.

Our roster is full of solid players who know their class. We like to keep a bit of depth to our ranks so there may be times that we need you to sit, for any reason. Do you have a problem sitting?: :
No I dont not have a problem. I understand the progression value of sitting

Please post a link to up to date combat logs. is your best source for uploading combat logs. This lets us get accurate information on how you play your class.:

Have you read our applicants post? Do you agree with our rules involving ranks and loot?:
Yes I have read it and agree to its terms

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Always
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