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re: App: Vaurot

The application submitted by Vaurot is as follows:

World of Warcraft Armory Link:

What is your Battletag?:

Real Life Gender?:


Can you make ALL our raid times? Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9:00pm-12:00am EST:

Location/ Timezone::
Pittsburgh PA, EST

Class? :

Current specialization? Do you have a strong off-spec you are willing to play?:
Affliction, I play all 3 but primarily affliction, then destro, then demo.

Current Server & Faction?:
Horde Thrall (transferred here on 3-26-2017

Tell us a little about yourself.:
I have played WoW since day one, I have been on alliance for some time now but have returned home to the Horde where I started years ago. I have played a warlock primarily however I have played a tank on a DK and on a monk, also healed on my monk, it was all for the guild I was in to further progress, once able to move back to lock I did. I recently left my server on Windrunner with the guild Premonition due to poor leadership. Officers argued with each other in chat about strategies, sometimes during raid and officers and GM got mad at the guild for not recruiting and finding more people to raid. Long story short, it was a poor place to be in and the oppurtunity to leave presented itself, and I did. My brother (blood brother) also plays and came with me, he is a 900ilvl Shadow Priest, also on the server named Xup. He admittedly plays better than I do, however I have my moments and i compete with him on dps as much as I possibly can. Other than all this wow speak, I work for health insurance (BCBS) and have a pretty set schedule of getting home at 7:00-7:15pm EST, enough time before raid at 9 to do dungeons and help out others, and enough time to unwind even if i do end up getting home a little later. I do not like to raid on the weekends as that's when I spend time with friends and do 'things', however wouldn'd mind an alt run here or there (my MW monk is now almost 890 with 2 legendaries and 40 in MW artifact weapon!).

Do you have a stable internet connection/computer? How many frames per second do you get in a raid setting?:
Yes, during raid 60, normal play around 95-100. I have a 770GTX, i7, 8g ram, solid states, decent but not breaking the bank 4grand for a pc.

Are you raid ready? (All gear enchanted, gemmed, max professions?) Explain::
Yes. I supply myself with my own food, pots, and flasks. My lock is a scribe, supplys all tomes and codex for any type of talent changes between bosses and my monk is my pocket alchemist. They are both herbalists so when i play them i pick up herbs as I world quest and transfer them all (most) to my monk to make pots/flasks.

Explain how you prepare for raids. What sites, tools, macros & addons do you use and why? Are you currently using the most up to day version of DBM or BigWigs? Why/Why Not?:
Warcraftlogs first and look at what others are doing about the same spec as me and ilvl as me. I watch the replay as well to see positioning to better maintain my dots and/or avoid mechanics (like botanist for example). I use WeakAuras2 for most everything and have an extremely clean interface that has very little on my screen except for WA warnings and DBM (i've had better experience with DBM then BigWigs but willing to change if needed). I also watch videos from other ranged dps perspectives, healing perspectives, and tank perspectives to get an idea of what each role is doing.

List some of your raiding experiences. Why are you interested in raiding?:
I've raided since day one, starting with classic and MC and BWL, then with BC and the sunwell and black temple, I took a break before ICC came out and unfortunately missed a very good expac (I did the raids after they were relevant in Cata), I killed deathwing with Cata, Siege of Orgrimmar I was included with mythic garrosh when it was relevant, WoD I was with Premonition on Windrunner to kill Archimonde, and with recent Legion I am 10/10 NH H and 1/10 M with experience on chronomatic anomaly but have not killed it yet.

Tell us a little about your previous raiding guilds and why you left/are leaving.:
In short, I have been a core raider for all of the above. I have left simply due to poor leadership. I was a leader (main tank and officer) during Cata and WoD and ended up leaving due to the GM disrespecting to me and my brother, along with the server (Hellscream/Zangarmarsh) was dead. I thrive being a core raiding member of a top guild with structured leadership and where I am competing to be top dps, not where I am always number one on dps and am the one in the raid who know's how to do mechanics.

Why do you want to join Unrivaled?:
Based on what i've seen so far, the website so far and the logs I looked over are promising. You have a destro locks, doesn't look like you have an affliction lock yet, I feel I could be a good addition to your roster. I could also learn how to play destro by studying them (your destro locks) when destro is better for a fight then affliction.

Our roster is full of solid players who know their class. We like to keep a bit of depth to our ranks so there may be times that we need you to sit, for any reason. Do you have a problem sitting?: :
I have no problem sitting, even if its just to get someone else who does not do as well as I do some experience, i'm all for it.

Please post a link to up to date combat logs. is your best source for uploading combat logs. This lets us get accurate information on how you play your class.:
not sure if this will work, I have 2, 1 for Kazgrím on Windrunner and 1 for Vaurot now on horde... ;

Have you read our applicants post? Do you agree with our rules involving ranks and loot?:
Yes and yes. I am one of those that likes to raid to kill bosses and progression, loot comes second for me and if all gear gets passed to someone else I will have 0 problems with that, as long as we kill bosses!

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Always
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