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Unrivaled is an End game raiding guild located on Aerie Peak, World of Warcraft server. Currently looking to gather players to accomplish the goal of progression and having fun at the same time. We do expect professional performance like not dying from standing in things that kill you!!

RAID TIMES - Sun thru Thurs, 6-9pm pst/server (Monday nights are optional raid nights, although usually something is going on)

We expect you to maintain at least 75% attendance, but do understand things come up. If you plan on applying, do so when you can make near 90% the first 2 weeks, so we can judge you accurately. You will most likely be booted if you miss 3 raid days during your trial.

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Heroic Blackhand

by DruidTrigor, 11 days ago

Heroic Blackhand is dead! Onward to Mythics!!

We also killed Mythic Butcher in Highmaul.

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Stuff & Things

by DruidTrigor, 48 days ago

I'm bad at posting screenshots.

We killed Heroic Iron Maidens and Normal Blackhand This Week!


Recruiting pro healers and DPS for heroic/mythic BRF!

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