About Unrivaled
Unrivaled is an established friendly raiding guild on the US server Thrall. We were founded December 15th 2008 as a new Wrath of the Lich King guild on the server Aerie Peak. On June 27th, 2015 we decided to make a move to the server Thrall, we made this decision as the server Aerie Peak had dwindled down to us being the only Horde raiding guild left. We are always looking for new faces to help build our roster. We take raiding seriously while maintaining a fun (sometimes R-Rated) environment during raids. We are a group of active players willing to always lend a hand. We don't believe in a toxic or drama filled raid environment. If you come here expect constructive criticism without any name calling or yelling.

Our Current Raid Times Are:
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 6PM - 9PM PST | 9PM - 12AM EST
Sunday 6PM - 9PM PST | 9PM - 12AM EST**
**Sundays are Optional Raid Nights - We generally clear heroic or run alts on Sunday Nights.

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8/13 MYTHIC!

by DruidTrigor, 30 days ago

Alright. Gorefiend is dead and the easy bosses are also dead!


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by DruidTrigor, 39 days ago



The 'guild killer' is defeated!

Recruiting Pro DPS for Mythic and Beyond!


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5/13 Mythic! - Gorefiend Grind Next!

by DruidTrigor, 65 days ago

5/13 Mythic!

Recruiting pro ranged DPS and all exceptional players for Mythic content! (WTB BOOMKIN!)

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